PernixData - Rethink Storage

PernixData FVP™ is the Premier Software Platform for Scale-Out Storage Acceleration

Finally You can Scale-out Performance....

Virtualization has revolutionized how we build and operate data centers. But storage performance has not been able to keep up, creating I/O bottlenecks that hamper virtualized application performance. A new storage architecture is required, one thatbreaks free from expensive hardware and lets you scale storage performance easily with demand. PernixData FVP™ software changes the storage status quo. Our revolutionary Flash Hypervisor software aggregates server flash across a virtualized data center, creating a scale-out data tier for accelerating reads and writes to primary storage. For the first time ever, storage performance can grow independent of storage capacity, giving you unprecedented control over application performance.

FVP software integrates seamlessly with existing servers, storage, hypervisors and VMs, eliminating the need to rip and replace existing infrastructure. This includes all variants of server Flash (PCIe and SSD) and all storage arrays. Deployment of the FVP software takes less than 10 minutes, with no reboots or changes required to VMs. 

Clustered Platform Compatible With All VMware Operations PernixData FVP software uses patent-pending Flash Cluster™ technology to allow any host to remotely access the flash device(s) on any other host. This enables the FVP software to seamlessly support all VMware features and products (such as vMotion, HA and Horizon View) with no changes to workflows and no hits to application, network or storage performance.

Fault-Tolerant Write Acceleration

In addition to read acceleration (with Write Through), PernixData FVP software supports Write Back acceleration with fault tolerance. Leveraging PernixData’s Flash Cluster technology, writes are replicated to 1 or 2 hosts in a cluster, ensuring that accelerated writes replicated to 1 or 2 hosts in a cluster, are protected from data loss. This means FVP software is enterprise-ready and can be used for all workloads, including mission-critical applications like SQL databases, MS Exchange, and more.